By Kimberly Dawn Neumann
September 08, 2001

After dedicating herself to the Feel Great Weight Plan in 2008, Vanessa Trost, 39, lost 44 pounds—and looks and feels amazing. Read how she plans to maintain her Feel Great Weight.

Vanessa Trost, 39
Marketing and public relations consultant
Height: 6'
Goal weight: 170 lbs.

Her worry: “How do I keep the weight from sneaking back on?”

Our expert says: “You cant mess up too much as long as you stick with portion control,” Sharon Richter, MS, RD, says. That means not letting a dinner roll or slice of pizza turn into two or three. Also, pick your pleasures wisely—a glass of wine, a few bites of dessert, or a piece of chocolate per day wont hurt. But adding in all of the above will. When in doubt, just stick to this simple rule: one-quarter plate starch, one-quarter plate protein, and the rest veggies!