By Deanna Verbouwens
Updated September 04, 2001

I cant believe 11 weeks have gone by already on the Feel Weight Great Program—it really amazes me how time flies. The program is going great: Food journaling is now second-nature, a habit and no longer the bane of my existence. And the meal plan is so full of good tasty foods—things that I never wouldve believed I would like.

I love how creative I can get with my food, but most importantly, I love how my family is catching on. My two-year old is eating Wasa crackers and Laughing Cow Cheese as his snacks, as well as chicken sausage, veggies, and beans—things that he never touched before.

The five-year old is eating three square meals (a major step for us). He has tried some new things but not a lot; his meals are pretty basic, but still, his snacks have gotten a lot more nutritious and thats awesome.

And the hubby? Well. hell eat anything, so he, too, is trying all this new food.

This week I turned up the cardio a notch and have been doing 60 minutes a day instead of 45. Ive been doing 20 minutes of running, 20 minutes on the Arc trainer, and 20 minutes on the bike. Whenever I can, I Spin, ‘cause thats my true love! I miss running outside, and cant wait till the weather cooperates so I can get back out there again. I hope all of this pays off at the scale!!

I am lucky to have a very supportive family, with kids who dont mind being dragged to the gym to play in the “Kids Club” and a husband who doesnt mind that I spend two hours or more of “our” time working out. Life is good in my world and I cant complain.

This weeks goals

  • Get more sleep. I did! I went to sleep before 10 PM on five nights, and by 10:30 on the other two nights. I think thats a success, and Im really proud of myself. Going for Week Two. Yippee skippy!
  • Plan meals: I continued to plan all meals and snacks.

Next weeks challenge

  • Another long weekend in Vermont. Were renting a house, and Im bringing all of my food. Ill be in control of every meal, which makes me very happy. Just gotta resist temptation! I feel like it will be a no-brainer, though, that temptation is a thing of the past.