Don't hide your hard-earned body beneath an old bathing suit. Thanks to some trial and error (and some dressing room tears) I've found four feel-good ways to find an ultra-flattering suit.

By Tina Haupert
I count running, wine tastings, road trips, and playing with my dog among my favorite activities. But even after I slimmed down, I still don’t like bathing suit shopping—and I don’t know anyone who does! That’s understandable—who actually enjoys stripping down to next to nothing and standing in front of an unforgiving, poorly lit mirror?

However, that’s no reason to hide your hard-earned body beneath a fraying, faded bathing suit from 1995. Thanks to some trial and error (and some dressing room tears) I’ve found four feel-good ways to find an ultra-flattering suit.


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Lay off the broccoli. The day before I plan to try on bathing suits, I avoid bloating foods, such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and other cruciferous veggies, because if I think I look rounder (when I’m really just bloated), I become unnecessarily upset with the way I look. Instead, I drink lots of water and start my day with a healthy breakfast and a sweaty workout. I always feel good about myself when I nurture my body with wholesome foods and exercise.

Know what I need. As much as I want to wear a flimsy triangle top, it just doesn’t look good on me. I require suits with a lot of support in the bust, so I stick to styles with thick straps, underwire, and small prints. I can keep my confidence up in the dressing room if I try on a handful of options that look great on me. Not sure which style looks best on your body? Check out these 30 flattering options.

Wear the right gear. You will never feel gorgeous if you look in the mirror and see a big pair of granny panties poking out of your swimsuit and a pair of old gym socks on your feet. So I always make sure to wear a thong and a pair of sandals when I hit the stores. Trying on a bathing suit over baggy underwear that crumples and bunches never looks good—and never makes me want to buy one. A thong gives me a fitted, true-to-form look, while the sandals make my legs look long and lean.

Try on a few sizes. Once I find a bathing suit that I like, I make sure to take it in two different sizes to the dressing room: one in the size that I think I am and one in the next largest size. Then I try on the larger size first. Bathing suit sizes vary quite a bit from brand to brand and style to style. I inevitably feel worse about myself if I have to ask the saleslady for a larger size (which is silly, I know). But it’s not all about the numbers—ultimately, I just want to find a suit that fits and flatters!