By Deanna Verbouwens
Updated September 04, 2001

“You spin me right round, baby, right round like a record, baby”…oh yeah!! Ive found a new love: Spinning!!! The Spinning classes at Equinox are so much fun…and boy, are they also a good burn and a good sweat. About seven years ago, I used to take a Spin class once a week. I stopped it (like everything else) and never thought twice about it, even when I saw the Spinning Studio at the gym when I started this program.

Then one day I wanted to do something different from my usual run, so I hopped on a bike. (Picture this: I walked into a class two minutes late and had to squeeze my D cups past some handlebars—what a sight! I actually chuckled!). And ya know what? I had completely forgotten how much I enjoy Spinning and riding a bike in general. In college, I was in the Bike Club for two years and even completed a 100 mile bike trip…um, hello? So, with my new/rediscovered love, two classes under my belt, and more to go this week, I signed up for a 30-mile bike ride! Isnt love grand?

I also got my mojo back. It was a rough two weeks, but I pushed through and I feel so much better!!

Ive realized that I will have ebbs and flows in life. What I find comforting is that I had the strength—and, more importantly, the desire—to push through and see that light at the end of the tunnel. And thats for any situation that I may struggle with, not just the battle of the bulge.

This weeks goals

  • Combat emotional eating: I did fantastic this week, seriously!! I was hit by some stress and twice this week I totally went for some food—and then promptly PUT IT DOWN and did not eat it. I am so impressed with myself. Wow, I can do this! I can have a healthy relationship with food. Score one for Deanna!

This weeks challenge

  • Another trip. We went away again—camping this time—and I totally rocked it. Like I said, my mojo is back! I, the gal who hates to journal, actually wrote down everything I planned to eat over the weekend before we even left, and pretty much stuck to it. I also packed accordingly, cutting up cucumbers and peppers, and bringing fruit and hummus for snacks. I knew what was on the menu, so I was able to plan well. On the way home, I mentioned to the hubby that my stomach was actually growling during the trip. Not sure when that has happened last…maybe 6 years ago?

Next weeks goal

  • Get more sleep. I went on about this once before, but this week, I AM GOING TO DO IT. I am putting order back into my life, into my familys life, and getting us all on a normal routine!