Angela Myless father used to call her “Oprah” because her weight fluctuated so much. But when a doctor told her in August 2002 she was diabetic, she had to get off her yo-yo cycle. A dietitian put Angela on a 1,200-calorie diet. She traded ice cream for frozen yogurt and syrupy canned fruits for fiber-rich dried papaya. Angela never felt comfortable at the gym, so she built up to walking an hour at the mall, four days a week. As she lost weight, she was able to cut back on her diabetes drugs. And, finally, two years after her diagnosis and 63 pounds lighter, she was able to stop taking the medicine completely. “My doctor had tears in her eyes,” Angela says. “I was the first person shed ever been able to take off diabetes medication. It was a very emotional moment for both of us.”

Her biggest change
Giving up her late-night bowl of ice cream. Howd she beat evening nibbling? “I would make myself go to bed whenever I got hungry. Sometimes Id go to bed at 8!”

Her advice
Cheat on weekends. Angela gives herself 300 extra calories a day for splurges on Saturdays and Sundays. Her favorite cheat meal: eggplant parmigiana at Olive Garden.

How she stays on track
Angela buys a 32-ounce bottle of Evian on her way to work—drinking water helps her feel full during the day. “I realized when I dont have it, I start to look for things to munch.”

Her motivation
Her 13-year-old son, Joshua. “All I could think about was not being here
for him,” Angela says. “I want to be around to see him grow up.”

Her wish
Angela told us shes been stuck in a hair-styling rut. Even though shed lost a lot of weight, she still didnt feel she was making the most of her new looks. So, weve arranged for Angela to get a fabulous makeover—with a brand-new do.



474 (44% from fat)

319 (41% from fat)




Total Weight Lost:

63 lbs