Our beloved carb-filled foods will not make us fat. Instead, they will actually make us thin.
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"Carbophobia," or the fear of carbs, is rampant. Almost every woman has skipped the bread basket or a pasta dish at some point in her life. Weve learned to fear carbs because weve been told for more than 25 years that foods filled with carbohydrates make us gain weight.

Well, we, the editors of Health magazine, have big news for you. There is new research—reliable, solid, groundbreaking research by the smartest minds in nutritional science right now—that reveals our old, beloved carb-filled foods will not make us fat. Instead, they will actually make us thin. We put all the research into our new CarbLovers Diet book.

Scientists at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center for Human Nutrition, in Denver, along with a team of international researchers uncovered new evidence that revealed that eating the right carbs is the best way to get and stay slim. Other exciting new studies showed that certain carb-rich foods:

  • Shrink fat cells, especially in your belly
  • Boost fat burning
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Curb cravings
  • Keep you feeling full longer than other foods
  • Control blood sugar
  • Lower cholesterol and triglycerides

Perhaps the most surprising piece of research was a large-scale look into the eating patterns that determine whether people will be fat or skinny over the course of a lifetime. This multicenter study of 4,451 people found out something stunning: It concluded that the slimmest people ate the most carbs (in the form of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables), and the chubbiest people ate the fewest carbs.

Getting ready to lose weight on carbs
If youve been convinced for years that eating carbs will make you fat, its going to take time for you to adjust to the new reality that they are the best things that ever happened to your waistline.

However, being a CarbLover does not mean you get to stuff yourself with bagels and cookies all day. What youll be doing on this plan is increasing your total intake of carbs, and upping the percentage of a type of carb called Resistant Starch in your diet. Resistant Starch is a kind of carbohydrate getting lots of attention in scientific circles these days.

Studies show that adding a little Resistant Starch to your morning meal will shift your body into fat-melting mode, so that you burn nearly 25% more calories a day. Meanwhile, youll eat about 10% fewer calories—simply because youre not as hungry (foods containing Resistant Starch are quite filling)—so you end up eating less overall.

Resistant Starch–filled foods arent those magic, super-expensive ingredients; theyre right there, at your local supermarket. They are bread, cereals, potatoes (even potato chips!), and bananas.

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The CarbLovers Diet starts with a 7-Day CarbLovers Kick-Start developed by two top dietitians. We know how hard it may be to allow yourself delicious carbs, after years of denying yourself. Thats why our 7-Day Kick-Start helps you transition to your new world of eating and feeling satisfied. On it, youll quickly knock off up to 6 pounds and reduce belly bloat, all while feeling full, in control, and super-energized!

Take off even more on the 21-Day Carb-Immersion Plan
After youve tasted success on the 7-Day CarbLovers Kick-Start, youre ready for the life-changing 21-Day Carb-Immersion Plan. This is the heart and soul of the CarbLovers Diet. Its basically a plan that gets you back to the way you used to eat before you made carb deprivation a way of life. The plan itself is a breeze. Our experts did all the calculations for you, so all you have to do is eat and enjoy.

Think of Carb Immersion as your road map to the future—an incredibly easy-to-follow set of basic eating rules, daily menus, grocery lists, and delicious recipes anyone can make, enjoy, and share with others. Dont feel like cooking? No problem. We also have more than 100 quick bites, frozen foods, and restaurant-menu items that work with the CarbLovers Diet.

Well support your new eating life with tips, recipes, and clear-cut phases that will change your relationship with food and keep you from ever going hungry again. By the end of the three weeks, youll have lost up to another 6 pounds!

You'll find proven get-to-goal strategies and ideas for helping you reach your goal weight even faster if you make some small tweaks to your lifestyle. Exercise, smarter sleep habits, and cooking tricks can speed up weight loss while youre still enjoying carbs.

As you lose weight, our nutritionists—as well as real women whove already successfully lost weight on CarbLovers—will encourage you every step of the way. If you have a little “I cant believe I ate that muffin!” panic attack, were there, too, with real-life advice from women whove lost big, as well as experts who can reassure you that the road map to lasting weight loss is the very one you are on.

Finally, when youve reached your goal weight, well tell you how to stay as slim as you want to be—forever.

Plus, you'll find more than 70 easy, amazingly tasty recipes for nearly every eating moment of your life. You can enjoy a glass of wine (and some amazing pasta salad) with your book club! Or how about tacos after work with co-workers? You can create amazing desserts your family will love.

So get ready for the best—and only—diet plan youll ever need. Get ready for your fabulous new life as a CarbLover! Order here.