By Deanna Verbouwens
Updated September 04, 2001

Oh, what a week! Although I planned every single meal and was ready for combat, with all good healthy foods and snacks packed away in my little cooler, I still felt like I was dodging bullets every day this week. Those bullets were birthday celebrations, picnics, and three parties Oh my!

I did do some indulging: a chip here, an ice-cream cone there, a bite of cookie here, and a cocktail in my tummy! That being said, I did balance it with other good, healthy food. As my nutritionist goddess Marissa advised, when I do indulge, make sure I enjoy it, leave the guilt behind, and pair it with a healthy choice. I did just that.

Heres an example: The dessert table came out at one party, I choose to have strawberries and blueberries with a (big, probably a bit too big) dollop of whipped cream, alongside an oatmeal raisin cookie—which I had been dreaming about for about 3 weeks. Im not kidding: Every time I saw an oatmeal raisin cookie Id have to actually talk myself out of it, saying “Deanna, you dont need the cookie, pass it by. Step away from the cookie!”.

Anyhoo, I ate all the fruit and the whipped cream, took two bites of the cookie, and threw it out. Yes I threw out the cookie I had been dreaming about. Why? Because I had a taste and, frankly, it was just okay, I wasnt about to indulge in something that was just okay—why waste the calories?

Want more? I worked out seven days this week. One of those days, I biked three miles to my sisters house, we ran three miles together and then I biked three more miles home…uh huh! Who the hell is this Deanna? Its the new me, and I can totally feel the change, the real honest-to-goodness change from just working the program to living, breathing, and BELIEVING in the program—and I love it!

This weeks goals

  • Get more sleep. I almost got a full nights sleep every day this week. I am really trying to get in at a normal time. I am getting there; I plan to do better this week!
  • Planning meals. This week was stellar. I planned everything and it worked so well. I need to continue the trend and make this part of my everyday routine.

This weeks challenge

    Birthday Celebration!! My birthday was this week and I have to say, the challenge for me was to not go over the edge, and I didnt. As I mentioned above, I actually planned my meals for the week—including my birthday dinner. I looked at the online menu (I couldnt believe they had a website since its small restaurant) and picked my dinner meal before I‘d even had breakfast! The best part was that the entree was delicious!

Next weeks goals

    Sleep. I will conquer it this week and get a full week of good zzzzs!!
    Plan, plan, plan. I will continue to plan all meals until it becomes my new routine and not a chore.