Sometimes the company of a friend can be one of the strongest motivators to exercise. Thats why were telling the stories of five women who have successfully made fitness a permanent addition to their lives, drawing upon their workouts both for inner and outer strength. If youve found your will to exercise dwindling lately, read on for inspiration.

Soccer Fosters Camaraderie
When Susan Spidle signed up for her recreational womens soccer team, she got an instant social life.

Cross Training in the Great Outdoors
Judy Waytiuk treasures the time she spends swimming laps at dusk after a day devoted to work.

Cycling: A Tool for Goal-Setting
Its easy to assume Germaine Adams is a natural cyclist. But she tells a different story.

Music Revs Up Fitness Walking
Sophia Dembling used to practically force herself to put on her walking shoes.

Spinning Teacher's Enthusiasm Is Infectious
Sarah Gilbert hadnt exercised in months when she stumbled onto Erin Carsons Spinning class.

By Christie Aschwanden and Lisa Bailey