5 Healthy Diner Meals

Gallery of healthy swaps and choices to make at a diner to limit calories and fat

I love diners and I eat out at them a lot! There's nothing like a hearty breakfast to get my day going. But traditional diner food—heavy omelets, greasy bacon, huge servings— gets a bad rap.

I take some time to consider the options on the menu, and find I can always manage to choose healthy-ish meals when I'm eating at a diner. These five diner meals seem indulgent but won't set you back in calories.

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Egg and cheese sandwich on an English muffin

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The diner egg sandwich is all about portion control. Because most egg sandwiches are made with one egg and a slice of cheese, it's tough to oversize them, meaning I consume fewer calories when I have one.

Ordering it on an English muffin rather than a roll or a bagel cuts down on some of the carbs. If it's available, I ask for the whole-wheat variety to add in some filling fiber. I usually order a fruit cup on the side to give volume to my meal.

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Egg-white omelet with veggies

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As long as it isn't supersized, an egg-white omelet made with lots of veggies is a great bet for a healthy diner meal. Usually, diner omelets are loaded with gooey cheese, so I ask for "light" cheese or nix it all together.

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Two eggs with toast


Protein, fiber, and healthy carbs, all on one plate! This is a relatively low-calorie meal, as long as you hold the home fries. A big serving of greasy home fries easily adds 200 calories or more to my meal. So I give them to my husband, who is more than happy to eat my portion. I further reduce calories by asking for a poached egg and unbuttered toast.

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Grilled cheese


Grilled bread and cheese doesn't usually equal too many calories. I make sure to ask for light butter on the bread so my sandwich isn't dripping in it. Another option is pairing half of a grilled cheese sandwich with a cup of soup. I pick a soup packed with veggies to help fill me up without adding many calories.

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As long as it doesn't have a ton of bacon, a BLT sandwich is a relatively low-cal option for a healthy diner lunch. The sandwich is just bread, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. I save a few calories by holding the mayo—and I don't even miss it! Or swap regular bacon for turkey bacon to cut down on fat.

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