These sneaky tricks, courtesy of the CarbLovers Diet book, will help you eat well every day.

1. Make at least one meal a day that includes all of these:


If you can't include a metabolism booster or a protein at a meal, double your serving of Resistant Starch in order to compensate. Otherwise you'll end up hungry.

2. When choosing among grains and starches, always choose Resistant Starch or high-fiber carbs over highly refined starches such as regular pasta (made from refined flour), white rice, white bread, and low-fiber breakfast cereals.

3. Choose high-performance fats such as MUFAs and omega-3s. Specifically, we're talking about avocados, olives and olive oil, fatty fish such as anchovies and salmon, peanuts, seeds and nuts, and coconut products. Use olive oil on salads instead of other cooking oils on salads. Use guacamole or hummus as a sandwich spread in place of butter and mayo.

4. When adding flavor to various dishes, consider using a metabolism booster, such as cayenne pepper, vinegar, or anchovy paste.