Updated: December 08, 2016

By Tina Haupert
The older I get (I’m 30 now!), the more I find myself doing things that are healthy for me.

I used to eat vegetables because they were low in calories, and they’d help me lose weight. I’d also spend hours at the gym each week, on the elliptical or stair-climber, just to burn calories. But I didn’t think once about the health benefits. Now, I try to do things that are good for me and help me maintain my weight.

However, with summer here and so much traveling on my plate, it’s been difficult to stay on track with my diet. I find myself craving ice cream instead of fresh fruit and grabbing a croissant and coffee for breakfast a little too often.

So, it’s not surprising that a few pounds have crept back on. But instead of stressing out and crash dieting, I make sure that I slim down to my Feel Great Weight while still being kind to myself and not skimping on certain essentials in my diet.


Protein: To maintain my FGW, I know that I have to incorporate strength training into my weekly workouts, which means I need to increase my protein intake to refuel my muscles. Low-fat protein, like Greek yogurt, also keeps me satisfied for hours, helping me eat less overall.

Calcium: When I cut calories from my diet, I noticed that I wasn’t getting my daily allowance of vitamins and minerals—most notably calcium. Now, I take a multivitamin every day as well as a calcium supplement with vitamin D to make sure that I cover all my bases.

Splurges: If I don’t allow myself a small splurge every day, I go crazy and inevitably end up going overboard when the opportunity arises (hello, huge piece of chocolate cake!). Now, I enjoy a piece of dark chocolate or a cookie (or two!) every day to satisfy my sweet tooth but keep the calories under control.

And even with all my careful planning, losing weight is never easy. I often seek the support of people with similar goals, like fellow bloggers or the folks over at the Feel Great Weight forum who are always willing to offer up motivation, encouragement, and recipe and workout ideas.

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