What I Wish I Knew

Video Series: What I Wish I Knew

What I Wish I Knew is a Health series that features people living with different conditions who are sharing their journey through symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. Here, they reflect back on their experience and what they wish they knew before or in the early days of their diagnosis.

March: Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

Looking back at her journey with multiple sclerosis, Marissa Perez wishes she knew there was no shame in using a cane. Marissa shares her initial symptoms of MS, her difficulty to get an accurate diagnosis, and her struggle with feeling feminine after having to use a cane. She found empowerment in herself and a widespread community through taking and sharing photos of herself and her cane.

Explore more about Marissa's and others' multiple sclerosis journeys.

January: Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Tamika Felder shares the importance of being screened for cervical cancer. Tamika was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the age of 25 and underwent a radical hysterectomy, losing her fertility. She later founded the organization Cervivor, which provides a community for people experiencing cervical cancer.

December: World AIDs Day

Enrique Menendez, 57, and Joseff McKenneth, 38, were each diagnosed with HIV 25 years apart. The two men sit down for a conversation about their personal experiences receiving an HIV-positive diagnosis and living with HIV. Enrique and Joseff's discussion sheds light on how the treatment options and stigma surrounding HIV/AIDs have changed over the years.

November: National Diabetes Month

Megan Barberva wishes she knew her type 2 diabetes diagnosis wasn’t meant to control her life forever. After her diagnosis, Megan was able to—with the help of her healthcare provider—bring her blood sugar levels back down to a normal range through diet and lifestyle changes. She has even successfully reversed her diabetes. 

October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In 2015, Cynthia Malaran was diagnosed with breast cancer. She shares her journey through initial diagnosis, trials with medication, and a double mastectomy, as well as the emotional resilience she built along the way. Now in remission years later, she reflects on what strength means to her. 

Explore more about Cynthia and others' breast cancer journeys.

August: Psoriasis Awareness Month

Ryan Johnson was diagnosed with plaque psoriasis as a child and has lived with the autoimmune skin condition for most of his life. Ryan and dermatologist Michelle Henry, MD, explain the differences between psoriasis and eczema, two conditions commonly grouped together. Today, Ryan is able to manage psoriasis flares and has found confidence through fitness. 

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