This 'Life-Changing' Weighted Blanket Helps with Anxiety, Insomnia, and More—And It's 40% Off

Reviewers are calling this blanket "amazing," "soothing," and '"heavenly."

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Weighted blankets may be known for their supreme coziness and warmth, but the positive health benefits they offer are what really make them a must-have. According to experts, weighted blankets are not only credited with promoting a deeper, more restful night’s sleep, but they’ve also been shown to reduce certain anxiety symptoms, which can have long-lasting effects on both the body and the mind.

“There is a biological basis behind the comfort and security we feel when using a weighted blanket,” explains Peter Polos, MD, PhD, FCCP, FAASM, sleep medicine specialist and sleep expert for Sleep Number. “Humans and even animals seek comfort of body warmth and weight.”

Still, many of them often come with a higher price tag (especially if you’re buying a larger size for your bed), which may make them more of an investment purchase, depending on your budget. Luckily, one of Amazon’s top-rated, queen-sized weighted blankets is currently on sale for nearly 40% off plus an additional 15% off for Prime members—and believe us, you’ll definitely want to jump on this deal when you see it.

TOPCEE Weighted Blanket


To buy: TOPCEE Weighted Blanket — 20 lbs. 60” x 80”/Queen $48.87 + extra 15% off for Prime members (was $79.99);

The TOPCEE weighted blanket is made with soft, breathable microfiber and filled with thousands of non-toxic, hypoallergenic glass beads that are evenly distributed throughout the design. Together, these features make it a year-round favorite, since they help create an overall feeling of snugness, plus a cooling effect in the summer and a breathable warmth throughout the winter.

The TOPCEE also has a near-perfect rating on Amazon, which shows you just how popular this thing really is. In fact, one reviewer who suffers from chronic insomnia said it not only helps them fall asleep, but it also helps them stay asleep. 

“The best part is if you wake up during the night,” they explained. “It’s like 1,000 times more heavy and you fall back to sleep [quickly] … It’s definitely soothing.”

“I am 68 and have lots of trouble sleeping at night,” shared someone else, who praised its great quality and “amazing” comfort. “This weighted blanket is a life-changer. [Now] I almost sleep all night. Only have had it for two nights. It says give it 7 days to adjust, [but] I have already seen results.”

Others say the blanket has done wonders for their anxiety. 

“I have anxiety and the weight of this [blanket] helps me sleep so soundly,” one reviewer said. “I would toss and turn all night before this. Now that I have this blanket, I fall asleep and stay asleep. Worth a try!”

At least one mom said the blanket helped soothe her child’s sensory issues.

“My son has sensory stuff going on and was sleeping with like five or six blankets on him and a huge stuffed bear,” the parent explained. “I got him this for Christmas and the first night we used him he smiled so big! I've never seen that smile on him before. He said, ‘Mom, it's heavy! It's amazing!’”

“Now I want one!” the mother added.

TOPCEE Weighted Blanket


To buy: TOPCEE Weighted Blanket — 20 lbs. 60” x 80”/Queen $48.87 + extra 15% off for Prime members (was $79.99);

Some customers admitted having doubts before trying the blanket, but ultimately found themselves instant converts.

“Never thought my wife or I would want a weighted blanket, but I heard a story about them on the radio and decided to give it a try,” one reviewer shared. “It's amazing. I normally sleep in boxers only and just a bed sheet because I'm always hot. This thing doesn't add much heat at all, just a little.”

“Meanwhile, my wife is always cold, but she can just add some throw blankets to her side and we're all good,” they continued. “It's just kind of a calming experience, can't really explain it.”

A few customers did say that the sizing wasn’t as they expected, but TOPCEE actually notes on its product page that weighted blankets are typically smaller than regular blankets, since the weight of the blanket is meant to be concentrated on the body and not hang over the edge of the bed. (So before you buy, just compare the blanket measurements to that of your bed.)

Other minor complaints had to do with confusion over how to wash the blanket, but according to the brand, hand washing and hang drying are usually the best (and safest) cleaning methods you should try.

Overall, this weighted blanket gets a ton of praise from customers who say they can’t live without it. And now that it’s nearly 40% off, it’s practically begging to be added to your shopping cart.

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