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We're not here to meet your standards, we're here to break them. Our series This Is Me is about being empowered to own who you are and defy any ridiculous societal expectations of beauty.

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Why This Beauty Influencer With Cerebral Palsy Says 'Makeup Doesn't Have to Hide Your Flaws'
When Rebeca Gonzalez posted her first makeup video four years ago, she never expected to become a beauty influencer, let alone an inspiration to millions.
This Woman Spent Years Hiding Her 2 Ostomy Pouches—Then She Realized She Was Beautiful Just the Way She Is
Joanna Burgess-Stocks already had an ostomy pouch for urine since childhood—but when she was in her 30s, she found out she needed a second one for feces.
This Woman Went Through Countless Surgeries to 'Untether' Her Spinal Cord, After Being Born With a Rare Disorder
Claire Raymond, 23, stopped counting how many surgeries she's had to relieve the pain that her tethered cord syndrome gives her. But she's proud of the scars that they've left.
This Makeup Artist With Albinism Created a Line of Blonde Eyelashes for Women Just Like Her
When Jennifer Rhodes noticed the lack of makeup options for women with albinism, she filled the void.

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She used the pain and trauma of this skin condition as inspiration for a bold, sought-after look.