The birth vlog is a 25-minute journey that documents a very real glimpse at childbirth, and it's wracked up nearly 2M views.


Australian YouTube star Sarah Stephenson, known for her fitness- and wellness-themed videos on her channel, "Sarahs Day," recently welcomed her first child, a baby boy named Fox Ocean. But in addition to heartwarming pics of the newborn, Stephenson treated followers to a very real, behind-the-scenes mini-documentary that showed her "raw and real" experience of labor and delivery.

In an Instagram post, Stephenson described giving birth as: "Over 24hrs of pre labour, 7 hours of active labour and no sleep for over 40 hours. This was our reality after childbirth. The toughest thing we’ve ever gone through but by far the most rewarding."

Stephenson's birth vlog documents many of the dramatic and serene moments that occurred over those 24 hours.

“I was determined to capture this experience for what it truly was, no matter the outcome or hiccups along the way. I’m so happy we were able to document this amazing experience for our own memories, but also to share with you [all],” Stephenson explained in an Instagram post.

It's no wonder that it has wracked up almost 2M views since Stephenson shared the clip on March 29. Viewers have flooded the comments with praise, like, "This was probably the most raw emotional video I’ve ever watched on YouTube. I’ve never actually cried during a video until this one. What an incredible journey. It’s crazy how much love goes into birthing a child. Love from the mother and all of her support system. You are such a strong human being and this video really shows the extend of it. Thank you for making this video!"

Another shared, "This was one of the most beautiful videos I’ve ever watched in my life."

Check out the emotional journey below.

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