By Char Adams
January 02, 2018

You can’t pull one over on this bride-to-be!

Chelsea Newble, 23, couldn’t believe her eyes when 24-year-old boyfriend Chris Morley got down on one knee to propose to her at Santa’s Enchanted Forest theme park in Miami, Florida, ABC News reports.

“You’re so funny. You’re being so funny right now,” Newble is heard saying in a video of the moment after she turns to see Morley with a ring box. “Are y’all serious. Are you being serious right now? No, you’re not.”

In the footage that has been viewed more than nine million times on Facebook, Newble is shown examining the ring and Chris while refusing to believe the proposal.

Chelsea Newble (left) and Chris Morley

“Him being a prankster, I thought he was playing, but when I looked into his eyes, like, you could tell it was watering up,” she told WPLG.

Newble added: “I looked at the camera and, like, my mom and best friend [said], ‘Chelsea, it was real,’ and he was real, and this was a real situation.”

In the end, she finally believes him and bursts into tears as she accepts the ring. She later told ABC that the couple loves to laugh and joke all the time. They’ve been dating for two years.

“I was completely surprised,” Newble said of the proposal. Morley added that he was “nervous” to pop the question, but planned to do it at the amusement park. He told WPLG that the proposal was the longest two minutes of his life.

The lovebirds haven’t set a date yet, and are waiting until Morley tries out for the NFL to do so.

“I have so many girlfriends and they’re just ready to have dinners and parties now,” Newble said.

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