It also comes with pain relievers and cold and flu medicine.

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Cabinet Preparedness Kit
Credit: Cabinet

Since the beginning of the spread of COVID-19, you’ve probably noticed that certain products are no longer available, with hand sanitizer and over-the-counter medicine being some of the first items to sell out. Even the biggest retailers, like Amazon and Walmart, haven’t been able to keep up with the high demand for these household essentials. However, there are smaller companies that still have a supply of both hand sanitizers and OTC medications — and We Are Cabinet is one such company.

The online pharmacy offers 30 generic medicines from its own brand, including pain relievers, cold and flu medicine, digestive health products, and sleep aids. Each item has been FDA-certified and is sold both individually and in one the brand’s medicinal kits.

Its Preparedness Kit is stocked with plenty of essentials that you may want to have on hand during the coronavirus outbreak, including two spray bottles of hand sanitizer made with 70 percent alcohol, 100 tablets of 500 mg acetaminophen, and 48 softgels each of daytime and nighttime cold and flu medication.

Along with the convenience of buying this handy set online and having it delivered in two to three days, we also love how affordable it is. If you were to individually shop for the same products from big-name brands, it would cost you upwards of $40, but you can buy this entire kit for just $30.

If you’re low on other types of over-the-counter medications, the brand has three other kits available as well: the Fully Stocked Kit, the Mini-Essentials Kit, and the Non-Drowsy Allergy Kit, each of which offers a variety of different products.

The company is even offering tailored discounts and PayWhatYouCan options for healthcare and frontline essential workers to ensure people have access to the health essentials they need. You can buy the Preparedness Kit once or sign up for a subscription to get the kit delivered to your door every three months at a 15 percent discount.

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Cabinet Preparedness Kit
Credit: Cabinet

Buy It! We Are Cabinet Preparedness Kit, $30;

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