Skincare TikTok Is Obsessed with These $20 Visors—and Dermatologists Say They're Worth It

Along with sunscreen, they can help prevent sun damage
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The importance of wearing a good sunscreen can't be overstated — it's an important product that protects your skin from damaging UV rays. And while doctors generally consider SPF a nonnegotiable, that doesn't mean it's the only measure you can take to reduce risk of sun damage. TikTok users love UV-protective sun visors, like Waycom's $20 option, and dermatologists say they're a great protective tool, too.

While a classic visor — the kind you might wear for a game of tennis — can help shield your face from the sun, some skincare enthusiasts on TikTok prefer an option that offers even more coverage. Skincare influencer Young Yuh, aka @yayayayoung, shared a video that got over 65,000 likes, recommending oversized sun shield visors as a means of protection, and Vi Lai, aka @whatsonvisface, has worn a similar visor in several videos. 

Waycom's sun visor hat is made with a face shield with a UV400 lens. Essentially, this means that it offers protection from both UVA and UVB wavelengths, dermatologist Kenneth Mark, MD, explains. "It is the same lens we would ideally have for our sunglasses," he says.

Dermatologist Orit Markowitz, MD, says that a visor like Waycom's option can provide an extra layer of protection for people who are susceptible to hyperpigmentation, but a sunscreen that contains an oxide component like titanium zinc or iron will ultimately provide the same kind of protection. There are still reasons why some people may want to incorporate a visor like this into their measures against sun protection, though.

"This visor definitely not only has potential, but would be particularly beneficial for those who do not properly apply or reapply sunscreen, are exposed to the sun during the most intense hours of the day, lose sunscreen's protection due to sweating or being in the water, or are exposed to the most intense sun — for example, high altitude exposure like the Rockies and our sunbelt states like Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California," Dr. Mark says.

To buy: Waycom Sun Visor Hat, $19 (was $20); amazon.com

Over 1,800 Amazon shoppers have given Waycom's sun visor a five star rating, with several reviewers noting the sturdiness of the hat. Those with eyes that are sensitive to sunlight find it especially helpful. "I've been walking a lot lately outside and not on a treadmill; these really help cut the sun down for me," wrote one customer. "The field of view is awesome because of the huge shield, and it sits far enough away from your mouth/nose to prevent fogging. Who cares if people mistake you for a Cylon walking down the street with this on...you're getting exercise, fresh air, a great view, and avoiding raccoon eyes!"

 Now available for just $19, this sun visor is one budget-friendly element you can incorporate into your summer wardrobe for even better UV protection. Sure, it might look a little silly — but its skin benefits are hard to beat.

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