By Dave Quinn, People
June 06, 2017

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Trista Sutter is recovering from the seizure she suffered while on vacation in Croatia on Thursday — and she’s doing it surrounded by the people who matter most to her.

The 44-year-old, who was the first Bachelorette and met her husband Ryan on the hit ABC series, shared some sweet family snaps to Instagram on Monday as she, Ryan, and their two kids — son Maxwell ‘Max’ Alston, 9, and daughter Blakesley Grace, 8 — continued their European adventure.

“They make everything better,” Trista captioned one shot, her arms wrapped around her kids as they posed on a stone bridge in sunny Dubrovnik, Croatia. “#family #lovethesehumans #grateful #lifeisshort #lifeissweet #lifeiswhatyoumakeit #croatia2017 #adventure #oldtowndubrovnik.”

Another collage of photos showed shots from their explorations, smiling wide in every pic.

She took time to give a shout-out to Ryan in one loving photo of the two, calling him “my knight in shining armor” and adding “#loveofmylife” in the caption.

Ryan was with his wife when she “unexpectedly and without a definitive cause, seized violently in front of her family on a shuttle bus full of strangers” — as he explained on Instagram Monday.

“In almost 17 years as a firefighter, my experience has trained me to address the immediate emergency,” Ryan wrote. “However, little in my 42 years of life prepared me for the confusion and contemplation that remains after the tide of immediacy has settled.”

Although Trista’s medical emergency was unexpected to both Ryan and his family members, he has been encouraged by the positive messages and comments from friends, family and members of Bachelor nation who have extended their support.

“What has helped is the outpouring of kindness received from our friends, family and even those that we’ve never personally met. Without a doubt, you have been instrumental in the healing process and a humbling source of strength for @tristasutter and I,” he wrote.

The happy couple previously opened up to PEOPLE on how they make their love last since the cameras stopped rolling.

“The way we got together is so not normal. But we do live a normal life,” said Trista. “Yes, we met in a fantastical way, but it’s really what we did after the show that mattered.”

Added Ryan: “When the show was over, I saw Trista didn’t need the cameras. Our roots grew deeper and deeper.”

The Bachelorette airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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