The Instagram video is short but harrowing.


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Word to the wise: Nose hair removal is not the answer.

Tracee Ellis Ross took to Instagram on Tuesday to document her journey through nose hair waxing and, as you might expect, it was very bleak.

In the short but harrowing video, the Black-ish star faces the camera with a wide-eyed look of terror, a Q-tip wedged in her left nostril. “Take it out! Take it out!” she demands. At her insistence, a gloved hand enters the frame to remove the Q-tip. “Oh f—!” Ross screams as the esthetician nears her nose.

After the damage has been done, the actress stares blankly up at the camera, a glazed look of pain playing across her face. Laughter and tears follow as Ross recovers from the seemingly traumatic procedure.

“HAS ANYONE EVER HAD THEIR NOSE HAIRS WAXED? ~ let this be a lesson to you: just say no,” the caption reads—and TBH, we’re very glad to have received the warning. Nose hair waxing wasn’t exactly topping our priority list, but now we’ve definitely ruled it out.

Praise be, Tracee. Thank you for getting your nose hairs waxed so we never, ever have to.

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