The star had us simultaneously laughing and scouring the internet for an innovative beauty tool.

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Careful, the video is so funny it will give you laugh lines.

Last night, music lovers and celebrity fans had all eyes on the 61st Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. As the star-studded event unfolded, we were busy scrolling Instagram for the beauty tips, products, and styling secrets that helped the A-listers get ready for the big event. In these behind-the-scenes Instagram pics, Alicia Keys revealed her morning moment of meditation and Dolly Parton gave a sneak peek at her red shoes in her Instagram story, but what really caught our eye was Tracee Ellis Ross's chin-tightening face massager. In this hilarious video, the star had us simultaneously laughing and frantically scouring the internet for this innovative beauty tool.

Attending the Grammy Awards to cheer on her mom Diana Ross, Tracee Ellis Ross was her mom's biggest fan as she clapped, smiled, and recorded her performance on stage. And while her mom's act stole the show, everyone couldn't help but comment on how sweet her daughter's reaction was. To prepare for this moment in the spotlight, Ellis Ross took part in some beauty prep for the big event, including a DIY facial massage, which she caught on video and shared on her Instagram account.

In this sneak peek at the star's Grammy Awards beauty routine, Ellis Ross rolls two blue facial massagers along her chin and jawline as a stylist works on her hair. Laughing, the actress and comedian reveals that the purpose of these "blue balls" is to "give myself a tight chin." As funny as the video may be, the results are no joke. And although she doesn't share exactly which brand of facial massager she's using, the two blue wands with knobs at the end appear very similar to this set of Allegra Baby Magic Globes ($32,, which are intended to exercise facial tissue and tighten skin.

While some beauty pros question whether trendy jade rollers and facial massagers actually work to tighten skin, many experts recognize that the coolness of the stone may help reduce puffiness. The Allegra Baby Magic Globes are designed to be frozen, making them ideal for days when you wake up with bags under your eyes. As Tracee Ellis Ross demonstrated before the Grammy Awards, a facial massage could be the perfect way to relax and have a good laugh before a big event that's making you anxious.

This isn't the first time the star has documented her love of facial massages on Instagram. In July 2018, the actress shared a video of using a facial roller while hairstylist Lacy Redway dries her hair. Although Ellis Ross doesn't share the brand she's using, the tool looks like this [tempo-ecommerce src="" rel="sponsored" target="_blank">post in May 2018: "just to be clear...I have no interest in going back in time but I’m always game for some self-care or a beauty treatment!" This magical beauty tool isn't just about anti-aging, but also about taking a moment to indulge, destress, and yes, even laugh at ourselves.

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