Taylor Swift debuted brown hair on the cover of 'Rolling Stone.' See the singer's new look here.
NEWS: Taylor Swift's Dark Hair
Credit: George Pimentel/Getty Images

Taylor Swift might try pink highlights and occasionally show off her natural curls, but for the most part, the singer has stuck to her bright blonde shaggy lob and bangs in recent years. That's why her new Rolling Stone cover has Swifties doing a double take.

Along with Sir Paul McCartney, Swift is the magazine's Musicians on Musicians issue cover star, and went with a darker hair color for the photoshoot.

Her light brown hair was styled in a loose braid and her bangs left in her naturally texture. Paired with her blazer, cargo pants, and combat boots, the mood of the shoot is very Folklore.

With many of us not going to the salon as often due to the coronavirus pandemic, it's tough to maintain bright blonde hair like Swift's signature color. So whether or not the singer's new light brown hair is a practical change, we're into it. And we can't wait to see what other looks are going to come out of Swift's Folklore era.

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