Over 14,800 People — Including Personal Trainers — Recommend This Squat Machine That Sculpts Your Butt

“I’m a 72-year-old woman…and I have my bubble butt again.”
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Whether you're looking to freshen up your indoor exercise routine, or the viral TikTok leggings have given you new #bootygoals to aspire to, this best-selling squat machine on Amazon can help out on both accounts.

The Sunny Health Squat Assist is a rowing machine designed to help work out your entire body, with a focus on glutes, thighs, and calves. Just as its name suggests, it promotes a proper squat form that can be customized to your body thanks to its adjustable features, including the seat, handlebars, and resistance bands. The Squat Assist includes a digital monitor so you can track your progress, and has a weight capacity of 220 pounds.

The machine has racked up thousands of positive reviews from Amazon shoppers, and over 14,800 people have left it a five-star rating. Customers say it'll "really kick your butt" — and sculpt it, too. And right now, you can get the Squat Assist for just $100 for a limited time.

Shop now: $100 (Originally $129); amazon.com

"I am a 72-year old-woman…and I have my bubble butt again," one shopper raved. "I keep it in front of my TV and work out while watching my favorite shows. This is the oddest looking piece of gym equipment I have ever seen, [but] looks can be deceiving. It works great — it works every muscle of the upper leg, the butt, and I think it is flattening my stomach!"

Even personal trainers recommend and use the machine, saying they are "extremely impressed" with the Squat Assist.

The best part — other than getting your "quarantine butt back into shape" — is that the squat machine works out your whole body. Many shoppers say they see a noticeable difference in their arms, legs, and back, and even experience weight loss

One customer wrote: "I can feel my abs, quads, forearms, and glutes all being targeted. I do 50 of these bad boys and I'm exhausted. It definitely works, as I have had this machine for a week now and I can most definitely feel it in my booty more."

Sounds like the Sunny Health Squat Assist will help you get that butt crack leggings look for good in no time.

This article originally appeared on InStyle.

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