The coffee chain is expanding their foray in the plant-based world by adding a new vegan breakfast item.

By Hayley Sugg, Cooking Light
February 17, 2017
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While Starbucks' breakfast menu is currently overrun with non-vegan items like eggs and yogurt, their newest menu addition is actually certified vegan.

The Overnight Grains, which are currently only available in 600 New York locations, feature a blend of oatmeal, quinoa, toasted coconut and almonds, and chia seeds. Served in a small plastic container, with fruit stored at the bottom, the oats are designed for customers who need the convenience of a grab-and-go breakfast item.

With six grams of protein per serving, this product continues Starbucks' trend of providing protein-rich meals, like Bistro Boxes, for customers who seek nutrition-savvy choices without risking convenience.

This is not the coffeehouse giant's first attempt to bring in more vegan business. Last year, Starbucks expanded their dairy-free options by introducing almond milk to nearly 5,000 stores. If the Overnight Grains end up being a successful menu item, we have our fingers crossed that we'll see them expand across the brand's other store locations.

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