This sleep mask has earned over 1,300 five-star reviews on Amazon
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Sophia Bush
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Think about it: What’s something you can’t live without? It’s a tough question, but one that requires you to reflect long and hard about all that stuff you have sitting around in your house.

For Sophia Bush, who was the latest celeb to take part in The Strategist‘s “Can’t Live Without” column, a particular sleep mask lands at the top of the list of items that she won’t be parting ways with anytime soon. And her pick makes complete sense. Sleep is essential in life, so if there’s something you can buy to make catching those ever-important z’s easier, then it really is something you can’t (or at least, shouldn’t) live without. And that’s how Bush feels about the Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Contoured Mask.

According to the star, the Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Contoured Mask is “incredible” because of one key reason: It contours tight around your nose, preventing any light from getting in. “You open your eyes with it on and look around and it’s pitch dark,” she explained (a.k.a. it’s ideal for super light sleepers who get bothered by even the slightest crack of sunshine).

The Dream Essentials sleep mask is made from light-as-a-feather fabric that effectively blocks out light without putting any unnecessary pressure on your face. That means you can say goodbye to those pesky, just-woke-up crease lines for good. Bonus: Your eyes won’t even touch the mask (no more worrying about your favorite eye cream rubbing off!) thanks to the spacious eye pockets that allow for easy blinking and proper air circulation. It’s also foldable and comes with a drawstring pouch so you can easily throw it in your bag and use it anywhere, whether you’re on a red-eye flight, are road-tripping across the country, or want to fit in a quick power nap on your lunch break.

Bush isn’t the only one who’s absolutely obsessed with the mask. Over 1,380 Amazon shoppers have given it a five-star rating, with plenty of reviewers mentioning they can’t sleep without it anymore.

“This is one of those things that breaks the scale of ‘bang for your buck.’ One of the most valuable things a person can have is quality sleep, and throughout my life I’ve had a hard time sometimes because I’m very sensitive to light,” wrote one customer. “If the room has any light going in, I will not be able to go into deep sleep. I started wearing a mask and it was like magic; The darkness allowed me to go into full sleep cycles and wake up well-rested.” Sounds like a dream, no?

A good night’s rest is only the click of a button (and two-day shipping) away. Shop the sleep mask Bush can’t live without below, but be warned: You might not be able to live without it either once you try it yourself.

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Buy It! Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Contoured Sleep Mask with Carry Pouch and Moldex Ear Plugs, $12.95;

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