The line has six different styles of jeans.

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When I spoke to Sofía Vergara last month, one thing she told me is that she’s no stranger to designer denim. And, to be fair, neither am I. The wall of jeans in my closet is made up of folded denim “bricks” from Re/done, Agolde, MOTHER, and vintage Levi’s 501s.

It’s not that I think denim has to come with a fancy hang tag and name brand recognition, I just got sick of Madewells stretching out several sizes, or Zaras crinkle-stretching by the fly over the course of wear. So I’ll admit it: When I heard that every pair of jeans in Sofía’s new line with Walmart was under $30, yeah, I was a little skeptical.

The line has six different styles of jeans, all named after someone close to their creator, Sofía — there’s the Gloria, the Veronica, the Rosa, the Melisa, the Paula, and, of course, the Sofía. I wanted to see for myself how the affordable denim stacked up against my designer jeans, so naturally, I went for the style that Vergara says “makes [her] butt look great.” The Sofía.

With spring just around the corner and too many black jeans burning a hole in my closet, I opted for the pair in white. A risky move, surely, given my experience with cheap white denim proving to be practically see-through when worn. But when they arrived in the mail, I held them up against the light of my window and didn’t immediately put them back in the box. They looked like they had some weight to them.

At the same time, they didn’t seem boxy by any estimation. The fabric was clearly stretchy, and at a glance I knew they’d pull on like my favorite thick, shaping leggings. I was right — being in-between sizes, I ordered down, which proved to be the right call. The elastane-blend jeans absolutely hugged every curve, while gently pulling in my thighs and lifting my butt. The waist sat exactly below my belly button without pinching or gaping, and the cropped length hit perfectly above my ankle. I don’t think my butt will ever look like Sofía Vergara’s, but wearing these pants brought it closer than it’s ever been.

As a sworn designer denim-head, one thing these jeans especially beat out their pricier counterparts at is understanding short girls. I loved not having to account for the time and cost of hemming. I could wear these the second they arrived, and the proportions of the leg cut seemed more in balance with my actual body.

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