These short haircuts for women with thin hair will add texture and volume.

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If you’ve grown up with thin hair, you’ve probably tried to combat it in every which way–from vitamins to strengthening products, to hair masks. While all of those products are beneficial, we’ve found the most stylish ways for you to make your thin hair look full and thick. You’ll be amazed how these haircuts will completely transform your hair. With just a couple of snips, these hairstyles can bring major volume to your not-so-thick locks. If you’ve searched for the best haircuts for fine hair, look no more. These short haircuts for women with thin hair will add texture, volume, and “oomph” to your hair that you never knew it had. These are the best haircuts for fine hair, and they’re all-time classics, too. If you already have short, thin hair, check out these fabulous haircuts and head to the salon for an update. There’s no reason not to love your hair.

Asymmetrical Lob

If you don’t want a super short cut but you want your hair to look thicker, go with an asymmetrical lob that’s longer in the front than the back.

Long, Layered Pixie

The more layers, the more texture and body your pixie will have.

Wavy Bob

Curling your hair so that you have subtle waves will add texture and make the hair appear more full.

Major Side-Part Pixie

A deep side-part with long strands will make your haircut look full, and you can go as short as you like in the back.

Short, Texturized Pixie

Even the shortest haircut can have texture and depth. Get your stylist to cut short, choppy layers, and use a texturizing mousse or pomade for a thick-hair look.

Bob with Deep Side-Part

Parting your hair with a deep part to one side adds immediate volume. Try parting it to the opposite side than you usually do for even more of a volume boost.

Curled Bob

If you have thin hair that’s wavy, an easy way to add volume is with some hairspray and a curling iron (and a teasing comb never hurt). If you have super straight hair and don’t want to curl it every day, don’t worry—we hear perms are coming back, and they’re way more stylish now.

Blunt Ends

With blunt ends, you need a short cut (no longer than chin-length) to keep thin hair from looking stringy. With a short, blunt cut, the hair looks stronger and healthier.

Highlights and Lowlights

Subtle highlights will add depth to thin hair, but don’t go too light. Be sure to keep lowlights and darker roots for a base. Mixed-in highlights create the allusion of more layers, therefore more hair.

Face-Framing Layers

Bangs will draw attention to the fact that your hair is thin. Instead of bangs, get face-framing layers that add depth and width to your hair. Bonus points if you curl them away from your face for an even more thickening effect.

Modern Pompadour

Add tons of volume with a modern pompadour style. With a teasing comb, styling pomade, and hairspray, you can achieve this cooler-than-cool look.

Slicked Back and Short

The slicked-back hairstyle is on every red carpet, and it’s so much easier to achieve with thin hair. This style works with a short bob or pixie, and all you need is a little (not too much!) hair oil. Get the easy tutorial for the this look here from Byrdie.

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