She had words for almost every. single. one. of her haters.


It's been nearly a year since Selma Blair first revealed that she has multiple sclerosis (MS).

Since then, the actress has given her fans a candid look into her life as she battles the debilitating neurologic disease. She's shared how challenging simple things like doing your makeup can be, and showed fans how her 7-year-old son helped her shave her head—something she did after undergoing chemotherapy, in an effort to live a more low-maintenance lifestyle.

Recently, however, the actress posted a cheeky photo of herself that had nothing to do with her MS diagnosis but instead challenged preconceived notions of what it means to be feminine.

"Portrait of a lady," she wrote alongside a photo of herself pantless and holding nothing but a crab-shaped purse in front of her legs.

Fans were quick to praise Blair for unapologetically being herself, flooding her post with positive comments. "When I see your photos, including this one, I don't see your booty, or your head, I see an authentic human being who is sharing her wonder with others, and that is both beautiful and inspiring," wrote one person.

"We should all be this free and comfortable with who we are and how we look. Along with not caring about what others think of us," said another commenter.

Some of Blair's celebrity friends commented on the post, too: "I love you cutie booty," wrote Jaime King, while Perez Hilton said he wished he could like the photo more than once. (Same, Perez, same.)

Unfortunately, though, Blair received some negative feedback on her post as well—almost all of which she replied to herself, with some humor-filled sass.

One troll, for instance, told Blair to put some pants on, to which she quickly responded: "I don't have any! Can you believe it? Minimalism."

Selma Blair Troll Comment


Another hater threatened to report Blair's photo: "No one wanted to see this," they said. Blair wittily responded by saying: "ooooh. You go you tattle tale."

Selma Blair troll comment


Sadly, there's plenty more where that came from. But Blair had a response for nearly all of her naysayers. Take a look:

Selma Blair Troll Comment


Selma Blair


As for the few negative comments that Blair didn't get to, her fans stood up for her and defended her right to post whatever she wants without unwarranted judgment.

Despite the negativity, Blair’s mission to prove that beauty and femininity come in all forms definitely prevailed above the hate. And we appreciate her for reminding everyone that it's okay to not take life too seriously, even during the most difficult times.

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