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It seems as if Ryan Reynolds is actually becoming Deadpool IRL. On Sunday, the actor posted a video of himself pulling off some impressive gymnastic moves on Instagram, which proved he's already well on his way to transforming into a real-life superhero.

Trainer Don Saladino originally posted the clip of Reynolds performing a flawless back flip, and the star couldn't help but share it with the world after his first audience was less than impressed with the feat. A group of toddlers, who were playing in the gym, appeared completely unfazed by Reynolds's superhero stunt.

"It's always been a dream of mine to complete a standing backflip during Toddler Tumble Time. Thank you @donsaladino," he jokingly captioned the short clip, which featured the Deadpool actor clad in casual workout gear. Bravo!

Coolest dad ever, real-life there anything Reynolds can't pull off?

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