By Julie Mazziotta, People
June 06, 2017
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Rihanna loves every version of herself, even if Barstool Sports doesn’t.

The singer shared a meme of Gucci Mane that shows the rapper at fluctuating weights, with the caption, “If you can’t handle me at my 2007 Gucci Mane, you don’t deserve me at my 2017 Gucci Mane.” Rihanna added a tear emoji in her caption, which she posted on Instagram on Monday.

The post comes five days after Barstool Sports published an article claiming that she’s “getting fat.”

The article, written by Chris Sprags, was titled “Is Rihanna Going to Make Being Fat the Hot New Trend?” and Sprags accused Rihanna of “enjoying that good room service a bit too long,” and asked if she’s going to inspire “all the hottest girls [to] look like the humans in Wall-E.”

After dealing with a backlash online, Barstool Sports’ founder David Portnoy decided to take down the article and suspend Sprags indefinitely, but said in a statement that he made the decision because Sprags’ post wasn’t funny enough.

“If you’re gonna blog about Rihanna gaining weight you better be funny as f— and you better make it bullet proof,” Portnoy wrote, adding that if one of his other bloggers had written the story “I’ll defend it to the death.”

Rihanna’s followers applauded her for posting the meme, replying with comments like, “yesssss mamaaaaaa! you let all these snakes know.”

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