The athlete shared a video of the incident, which has since gone viral, on TikTok.

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A Utah college athlete went viral this week after sharing a cringe-worthy video of his pole vaulting jump that went horribly wrong.

Brigham Young University pole vaulter Zach McWhorter was practicing a stunt on Monday when his landing did not go as planned.

As seen in a TikTok that the 21-year-old shared of the incident, McWhorter runs down the track with the pole in hand, leaps off the ground and accidentally impales his scrotum with the pole while preparing to dismount.

“That one time the pole went through my nuts,” McWhorter captioned the video, revealing that he needed to get 18 stitches after the accident.

As of Friday, McWhorter’s social media clip has been viewed nearly 18.9 million times.

The athlete told Buzzfeed that he could “see right into [his] scrotum” after suffering the injury.

Zac McWhorter
Credit: Zach McWhorter/TicToc
Zac McWhorter
Credit: Zach McWhorter/TicToc

McWhorter also released a photo of his shorts following the incident, which shows a large hole where the pole punctured his body.

The athlete added that his father, and coach, happens to be a urologist and was able to assist him following the accident.

“Immediately after the incident, we got in his car and drove to the hospital and he sewed me up,” he said.

McWhorter then shared that as far as he knows, he only suffered minor damage to the area.

“There is nothing wrong with my testicles — just a scar,” he said. “One day, we’ll find out if they function or not.”

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