Pluto Pillow creates handmade pillows for you based on your sleep habits and preferences, and I'm officially obsessed with mine.
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My Sleepless Nights Vanished Because of This Personalized Pillow—Here’s How It Works
Credit: Pluto Pillow

Pluto Pillow creates handmade pillows for you based on your sleep habits and preferences, and I’m officially obsessed with mine.

Ah, sleep. It’s one of the most underrated little luxuries in life that you only crave when you’re an adult (did anyone else hate naps growing up?). We 100 percent agree with science that sleep is as essential to the body as food and water, and that’s why the things that surround you when you sleep (like amazing sheets, comfortable pillows, and weighted sleep masks) should help you wind down and relax to get the best sleep possible to reset your body every night.

When I found out about Pluto Pillow—a company that hand-makes a personalized pillow for you based on your sleep habits—I couldn’t say no. Since I’m obsessed with my down-feather pillows and that sink-in feeling, I was hesitant to try something new altogether (especially a pillow on the firmer side), but I’m so glad I did. But before I talk about one of my best nights of sleep yet, here’s how Pluto works.

Pluto only launched in 2018, but it’s already gaining credit in the sleep-obsessed world, and we know why. Not only does Pluto make it easy to order a pillow that’s normally so tough to choose (why are there so many pillow options these days?!), but it goes the extra mile in personalizing and hand-making a pillow based on your needs.

You start your pillow personalization by filling out a quick survey with your questions about what you like/dislike about your current pillow, your body stats, your sleep habits (like if you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper), and material preferences (do you prefer foam, latex, or down?). After all of your answers are submitted, Pluto uses that information to select the materials, perfect height, density, and cooling properties that best fit your needs—there’s more than 25 different pillow variations that can be made!


What makes Pluto unique is the hybrid design of its pillows that provides an amazing balance of both comfort and support. The inner core of the pillows is made with a high-performance foam, yet there’s a plush outer cover that adds extra softness. The amount of silky polyester fibers that go into your pillow (and how thick they are) depend on your answers. And for sleepers who tend to get hot at night, Pluto’s got you covered. If that’s a concern for you when sleeping, your pillow will be made with a quilted high-grade polyethylene surface, which basically means it’s cool to the touch and will stay cool all night long.


So just how did the Pluto Pillow stack up to the rest of my pillows while sleeping? Ultimately after I submitted my answers (I’m a side sleeper who prefers plushy and melt-in), I received a pillow that still allows my head to sink in, yet it’s heavy in weight and feels firm. Normally I like smooth pillows, but the quilted material feels cool to the touch, and it’s extremely comfortable on my face. I already take forever to fall asleep at night, but with my Pluto Pillow, I fell asleep almost instantly after only a few minutes. Each pillow is $85, which is typical for a high-quality pillow at big box stores, and ships free within a few days. I know it can be hard to pull the trigger on buying a new pillow, but Pluto really does make it worth it. To start the pillow personalization journey for yourself, begin the survey here.


To buy: $85,

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