The all-natural, ayurvedic oil that helps to relieve the pain from sore muscles and joints

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If you’ve been looking for a one-oil-cures-all situation, we may have found it for you.

I get really bad cramps (like many women do) and the pain is pretty unbearable during the first few days of my period. I’m pretty much attached to my heating pad for most of the time, counting down the hours until it’s over.

Recently, however, I came across Shankara Muscle Release Oil, an all-natural, ayurvedic oil that helps to relieve the pain from sore muscles and joints. I’ve tried it out after a hard run or during a tension headache, and it works pretty well without the greasy mess of some other topical pain relievers. So I started thinking...if this works on my sore muscles, maybe it’ll work on my cramps? I rubbed it into my abdomen and lower back and, sure enough, after about 10 minutes, it give me much needed relief.

This Oil Is the Only Thing That Relieves My Terrible Period Cramps
Credit: Smita Vanpal

I’m usually pretty skeptical when it comes to natural products. It seems like there’s so much out there that claims to be “all curing” and filled with “ancient medicinal secrets” but I was pleasantly surprised by the potency of this natural product. The oil is loaded with extracts like Devil’s Claw and Arnica, which are said to have anti-inflammatory properties, while essences like lavender and aloe vera help sooth and stop aching. The smell of Shankara Muscle Release Oil isn’t overwhelming. It’s quite light and smells like almond, cedar, and frankincense. So perfume wearers, you’re in the clear. It won’t mess with your signature scent.

I’ve been using the oli for a few months now and it hasn’t let me down. Of course, my period is still uncomfortable, but I don’t feel as debilitated by it. I reapply it every few hours and the oil absorbs quickly into my skin, so I don’t have to worry about getting it all over my clothes.

You only need to use a little oil each time you apply it, so you’re not going through bottles of this stuff every month. Two pumps of oil should be plenty to cover the abdomen or any muscle you might be using it for. Another great perk of the Muscle Release Oil? You can recognize the names of all the ingredients and sometimes that’s reason enough to try a product out.

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