These Cooling Percale Cotton Sheets With 1,400 Five-Star Ratings Changed How I Sleep at Night

They’re the coziest bedding I’ve ever tried.
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For years, I stayed away from cotton sheets because most I've tried have never been comfortable enough. They were always too scratchy, too thick, and too stuffy compared to sateen or bamboo viscose sheets that felt oh-so-silky to the touch. I love how cooling and soft sateen and bamboo sheets are, and as a hot sleeper, their breathability is crucial in the summer. I was ready to just keep buying these almost-slippery sheets forever—until something else came along and changed how I sleep at night. 

Having tested them out for weeks, I've become fully convinced by Parachute's Percale Sheet Set to swap out my sateen sheet habit for this Egyptian cotton option. The brand, known for its shopper-loved sheets and towels that have thousands of glowing reviews, is one of the Internet's go-to destinations for investment-worthy linens, so I happily accepted when it offered to send me a set to try. And the hype is real: Parachute's Percale Sheet Set, which has 1,400 five-star ratings, is so comfortable and breathable that it outshines all other cotton sheets I've tried. 

Percale Sheet Set

Having washed it twice by this point in the weeks I've had it, the Percale Sheet Set, which comes with a fitted sheet and two pillowcases, has remained just as comfortable and soft as when I first unpacked it. I'll be honest: Of course, cotton percale sheets aren't nearly as silky or buttery smooth to touch compared to sateen or bamboo sheets, but they do feel more substantial. Instead of me sliding around at night and sometimes feeling like I'm about to fall off my bed from how slippery my sateen sheets can be, Parachute's Percale Sheet Sets keep me grounded, almost making me feel like I'm being comfortably cocooned—they're the ultimate in cozy bedding. 

Don't underestimate how breathable the set is. I was worried about sweating through the sheets since cotton can be stuffy and prone to creating hot zones on the bed, but percale is designed to be lightweight and cool to the touch. Even on a hot August evening, the sheets managed to keep me from overheating when I didn't have air conditioning turned on. The crisp sheets stay cool with just my tower fan and its breeze. 

I tried the sheets in clay, one of the two newest colorways for the Percale Sheet Set, and it made for the perfect soft hue addition to my apartment that's mainly decorated with pastel colors. Other colorways like blush and cream are perfect for homes that need a bright touch, while the dark slate and light gray are ideal for minimalist, sleek places. Clay and putty, the latest launches, are selling out fast with many sizes already gone, so you'll want to hurry and pick up a set.

Percale Sheet Set

I'm sure the sheets will remain as comfortable come the colder months, and going forward, I'm reaching for them first when I need to swap out my sheets for clean bedding. They're my new favorite sheets of all time, and you can shop Parachute's Percale Sheet Set starting at $109 below. 

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