By Julie Mazziotta
February 03, 2017
National Partnership for Women & Families/YouTube

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Did you think a 40-week pregnancy was rough? Try 260 weeks!

One woman, Lauren, is holding in her 260 week (and five days. And nine hours) long pregnancy in this PSA to support paid maternity leave. And while she’s not really pregnant for five years, it’s easy to feel Lauren’s pain as she goes through her workday.

She struggles to fit in the elevator, uses the bathroom — and then turns right back around to use it again, deals with labor pains and downs Tums for heart burn, all because her company doesn’t provide paid maternity leave.

As narrator Sophia Bush says, Lauren is one of the 86 percent of people with a job that does not provide paid maternity leave, largely because the United States is the only developed country that doesn’t require it.

The PSA is from the National Partnership for Women & Families, which urges people to reach out to their members of Congress to push for paid maternity leave.

Maybe then, Lauren can finally give birth to her kindergartener.

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