The Original Skin Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer with Willowherb dispenses like a fluffy mousse.

By Erin Lukas
December 14, 2017
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When your pores are as deep as the accidental "like" you gave your ex's 40 weeks-old Instagram post, you can try every primer, serum, gel, and foundation, but there isn't a single product that will truly make them disappear.

You can, however, minimize pores so that they're less noticeable under your foundation and concealer, and so that your skin's oil levels remain in check. If after all of the trial and error you still end up circling back to the age-old beauty secret of rubbing an ice cube over your face to make pores look smaller and improve circulation, I'm right here there with you.

That's where Origins' new primer steps in. The Original Skin Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer with Willowherb combines the effectiveness of the beauty tip your mom first gave you in your childhood kitchen with modern skincare technology. This primer is a cool on contact formula that dispenses like a fluffy mousse, but absorbs instantly once it touches skin.

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Combined with glow-boosting willowherb, the cooling effect literally chills skin so that pores aren't so visible, your complexion's texture is more even, and it's refreshed and hydrated. When do you use it? For the best results, apply as the last step in your skincare routine following your moisturizer.

Two pumps of the product was enough to cover my entire face, which felt jarringly cold when I massaged it on. After the primer fully soaked into my skin, I did notice that the pores on my nose went down a size, and that my face was just overall more smooth—ideal for applying foundation or concealer without it settling into blemishes or lines.

A lot less messier than trying to hold on to a melting ice cube, right?

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