Oprah Thinks Everyone Needs Her Favorite Winter Coat, and It’s on Sale Early for Black Friday

Reese Witherspoon is also a fan of the brand.
By Tara Gonzalez
November 24, 2020
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When Oprah talks, people listen. And when Oprah says something is her favorite, it becomes everyone’s favorite. I don’t make the rules. That’s just how it goes. 

This year, most of us don’t have too much to look forward to, which would explain the overwhelming excitement to Oprah’s Favorite Things list of 2020. The list provides a sense of normalcy in a year that is anything but and helps guide the retail therapy most of us are already indulging in. And while items like Oprah’s beloved Telfar bag have already sold out two times over, some items are still in stock and on sale, like Oprah’s favorite winter coat

Oprah called Land’s End popular winter parka the “coat of the season,” which means, well, it’s the coat of the season. It’s comfortable, it’s hooded, it’s waterproof — what more could you want? It’s also on sale on Amazon for $100 less than retail price right now ahead of Black Friday. That’s incredibly rare for one of Oprah’s favorite things. Usually they sell out instantly, leaving no time for a markdown. But sometimes, somehow, 2020 surprises us in the best way. I’m going to consider this another Oprah blessing and go ahead and add this comfortable and practical winter parka to my cart ASAP. 

The thing with early Black Friday markdowns is also that they tend to fly a little bit under the radar. Most people don’t even realize Amazon has leaked thousands of deals early, which would explain how this Oprah favorite is still available. But as we approach Black Friday, the chances of a sell-out are imminent. Especially when we’re talking about something as practical as a Land’s End parka, a category of clothing that also rarely goes on sale ahead of the winter season. 

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If you’re not convinced, take one look at Oprah’s review: “Water-resistant on the outside, down on the inside, a removable faux-fur-trimmed hood, deep pockets — and you can wear these maxi coats without feeling like you’ve been swallowed whole.” When Oprah says this coat is incredible, this coat is incredible. And it’s bound to be everyone’s favorite soon enough. 

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