Just another reason to love her.


Oprah has a serious hobby: bathing.

Oh, you thought Oprah Winfrey takes a bath in a normal bathtub just like everyone else? Of course, she doesn’t—she’s Oprah after all. While appearing on The Late Late Show to promote her new film A Wrinkle in Time with costars Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling, the media mogul told James Corden that she has a custom bathtub made of marble and onyx at her home.

If you thought that reveal was peak Oprah—just wait, there’s more. “I do have a hand-carved tub,” Winfrey revealed. “It was carved to the shape of my body.” She went on to explain that to design the bathtub, they created a cast model that she lay in to make the mold.

For Winfrey, the bathtub was a necessity for her “serious hobby.” She told Corden, “Bathing is my hobby. So any kind of bath salts, bath oils, anything for the bath you can get me.” Needless to say, Corden, Witherspoon, and Kaling were left in awe after she told them about her luxurious bathtub. “That’s the dream. That’s all I’m really living for. That is all I am ever working for from this point onwards,” Corden said. Ditto, James.

The appreciation for bathing is not new for Winfrey, who told Vogue in September 2017 that she “majors in bathtubs.” “It came from the fact that I was raised with my father in, like, an 1,100-square-foot house where we all shared the same tub,” she told the magazine. “And when I would go back home, after having been in hotels and seeing that there are nicer tubs in the world, and there’s that little tub with a ring around it, where Comet could no longer clean the ring around the tub—and it was my job to clean it—because it has been permatized, I vowed if I ever got my own place, I was going to get myself a good tub!”

While we all can’t have a tub custom-made to fit our bodies, we can all take a cue from Oprah and indulge in a spa-like bath experience after a particularly stressful day, complete with bath bombs, oils, candles, and soothing music. If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for us.

This Story Originally Appeared On Real Simple