It includes long-lasting polishes and all the nail tools you need.
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olive and june manicure kit

Many people have begun to adjust to new ways of maintaining some semblance of their normal beauty routines, from touching up their own roots to using waxing kits, and DIY manicure kits are the latest craze flying off the virtual shelves. With gel manicures far too grown out and nails chipped and cracked, the best way to remedy the remnants of a beauty regimen that once was is now to simply do it yourself. One brand in particular has made it rather easy through it’s at-home manicure boxes that include everything you could possibly need until you can make it back into the hands of a professional.

A nail salon hailing from the streets of L.A., Olive & June is redefining the at-home manicure just when we need it most. In weekly educational video sessions, the brand outlines how to achieve anything from ombre nails to the perfect French tip, and the best way to follow along is to snag one of the brand’s curated boxes featuring its long-lasting, cruelty-free polishes.

The Everything Box is a 14-piece set complete collection of nail tools alongside your choice of six polish colors. Inside the box you’ll find a nail polish remover pot, nail clippers, a clean-up brush, a dual-grit nail file, a buffer cube, a polish handle brush, cuticle serum with cactus flower, and a top coat to seal it all in.

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For $30 less, you can pick up The Studio Box, equipped with all the tools mentioned above — but you just won't get to add as many polishes to the set. If you’re already a nail junkie and own all the nail polish imaginable, The Tool Box may be the best option to add to your growing collection. With hundreds of glowing five-star reviews, shoppers who have always struggled with doing their own nails are calling it a “wonderful treat.” We don’t see these nail kits lasting much longer, so run, don’t walk!

olive and june manicure kit

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olive and june manicure kit
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