For months now, my mom has called me while I'm at work to tell me about these "amazing gloves."

By Claudia Fisher
July 24, 2018
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My Mom’s Hands Look So Young Because of These Weird Gloves–And They’re 35% Off at Nordstrom 

My mom and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale have the secret to younger-looking hands.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale kicks off today, July 20, and runs until August 5, and I'm sure you have a lot of beauty products, clothes, shoes, and the like on your list of priorities. As an eagle-eyed sentinel of the internet, I do have to point out one product that might jump to the top of your list for its anti-aging benefits–specifically, how it can help your hands look younger.

For months now, my mom has called me while I'm at work to tell me about these "amazing gloves" she wears driving to keep her hands from getting burned by the sun. For all of those months, I have "uh-huhed" her off the phone–but the truth is, I should be listening to her advice.

The woman looks much younger than the Medicaid-eligible years she's tallied up here on earth, and you'd never guess she's holding a newly-minted senior citizen train pass in those smooth, wrinkle-less hands of hers.

She's the prototypical sun-fearing woman, and it's a mentality (phobia, maybe) that's helped her look so much younger than you'd think as she's gotten older. For one, I'd be shocked, floored, astounded, to find out she's gone a day in her life without SPF 30 lathered on every inch of her body–even what's covered by her clothes. In fact, I would consider it one of her hobbies to double layer sun protection, and she's often spotted around town sporting a little neckerchief along with a hat, sunglasses, and a very strange pair of fingerless gloves.

What are these Band-Aid colored hand accoutrements, you ask? Oh, those are just her Skin Rejuvenating Gloves, which you can get yourself during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for 35% off. Not technically a sun-protecting agent, Illuminage's set ($29; actually works to fight wrinkles and age spots on your hands while you're wearing them. They turn back the marks of time, improving your hands' overall texture and tone with patented Copper Technology in as soon as four weeks. You can wear them whenever (my mom recommends daytime because #BlockTheSun), and they'll last for more than 100 washes.

I know I haven't told you outright my mom's age (I'm not allowed), but all you need to know is: These bizarre gloves are strangely effective when it comes to making your hands look younger, as demonstrated by someone who–hint hint–saw Jimi Hendrix in concert as a teenager.

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