These potato-free hash browns are healthy and delicious.

By Teresa Sabga
Updated December 19, 2019

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You’ve tried cauliflower grits and cauliflower rice, but have you tried cauliflower hash browns? P.S.A: You can 100 percent make hash browns without potato. Until I made these potato-less hash browns, I’d just assumed that potato was the only way to go, but y’all, cauliflower seriously has some magical way of mirroring the taste and texture of potato.

I promise this isn’t one of those typical cringe-worthy healthy breakfast that you’re always scrolling past on Pinterest. If you don’t make these healthy hash browns you’re cheating yourself out of pure happiness. (I fed them to my mom who despises any and every healthy-ish alternative, and she couldn’t tell the difference between cauliflower and potato. She. Was. Shocked.) Although these no-potato hash browns are lower in carbs than the original, the crispy golden brown edges you love remain the same—and that’s arguably the best part of eating hash browns for breakfast. Use these patties as a base for eggs Benny, serve alongside scrambles, or just eat them as-is with ketchup and sour cream.


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