Dobrev was just announced as Reebok's newest ambassador.

By Kaitlyn Frey
July 24, 2017

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Nina Dobrev is a self-proclaimed “crazy dog lady.” The actress is the proud mom to 5-month-old rescue puppy Maverick, who she never leaves home without. In fact, Maverick Do(g)brev has her own Instagram account. She enjoys walks on the beach, boating and sleeping at the gym while her mom works out. Most recently, Maverick attended Julianne Hough’s wedding in Idaho, before traveling to New York City to exercise alongside her mom at Reebok’s epic fitness staycation retreat in Brooklyn Thursday.

“Maverick comes to the gym with me every single day at the Reebok hub in L.A.,” Dobrev told PeopleStyle after she was announced as the fitness brands’ newest ambassador. “They even have dog beds and toys all around! She interrupts workouts and licks my face, but motivates me when I am ready to quit. Right now she is only 15 pounds, so I will lift her instead of the weights in my workouts!”

Dobrev’s new gig as Reebok’s brand ambassador is a match made in heaven, considering the actress hits the gym every day. “I go to the gym for better or for worse, which may be gross [because] sometimes I don’t have time to shower before I go on [with] my day,” Dobrev told us.

But luckily for her, when she’s sporting her tanks, leggings and sneakers from Reebok x Les Mills new collection, she can still look put-together and cute outside of the gym in head-to-toe athleisure.

“That is 100% literally why I was so excited about this collection. They really transition from workout to lifestyle seamlessly and look so cool,” Dobrev said.

Her best styling tip for leggings (which, for the record, she does believe count as pants): throw on a jacket and go.

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“Right now I am wearing the Reebok x Les Mills speckled leggings that are bold and fun. I just pair them with a jean jacket or a leather jacket after my Les Mills GRIT workout and it feels like an outfit for my life that I feel great in,” Dobrev said.

Since teaming up with Reebok, the 28-year-old star’s been living in everything from the collection. “I have been a fan of the brand for as far back as I can remember,” the actress told us. “I got to see the new collection before I signed on, and it had this new edge, innovative, fresh and gritty feel that’s fashion forward yet still hold’s true to Reebok’s core.”

To celebrate, Dobrev hosted an epic workout day in Brooklyn Thursday, including two Les Mills workout classes (Bodyflow and Grit) overlooking the N.Y.C. skyline. “I have always been of the mindset that variety is the best way to spice up your life. Les Mills have so many different workouts — a dance one, HIIT, boxing, yoga — it’s really fun to do with your friends.”

Most days, Dobrev says she does like to bring along a group of girlfriends to pump her up when she’s working out.

“When you do it with your friends, it motivates you to have a little bit of healthy competition,” she said. “You want to give up, but you look over and you see that your friend is still going, so you keep going even more and push through the burn.”

But even though the actress is always at the gym, she still keeps it real by acknowledging that sometimes it’s difficult.

“If you’re going to be sweating and working hard it is better to do it with your buddies by your side,” Dobrev told us. “Misery loves company!”

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