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By Blake Bakkila, Real Simple
Updated December 19, 2019

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Two moms offered a very real dose of humor and inspiration when it comes to bikini season. In a now-viral video, Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley shared a video titled “I Swimsuit Season So Hard” as part of their web series “IMomSoHard”.

In just four minutes and 23 seconds, the duo masterfully described what it’s like to be a mom at the beach. Comparing themselves to their male counterparts, they show the difference between wearing a baggy shirt and trunks and donning a swimsuit.

“You can bend down and it’s not indecent,” Hensley acknowledged while reviewing her swim trunks. Smedley countered with, “Everything stays inside.”

One unexpected perk of every beach day? Smedley joked that the man with a hairy back is the ultimate savior. “There’s always gonna be that guy at the beach that everybody’s looking at and not you,” she assured.

The ladies then tested out some of the latest trends in swimwear, including cutouts, strappy accents, and high-waisted bikini bottoms. “Nothing’s gonna make you feel worse about your body than the bathing suits they make,” Smedley said, later adding that one option gave her “four complete butt cheeks.” They went on to hilariously compare the effects of their looks to crescent rolls and frownie faces, among other things.

But at the end of the video, the two moms summed it up with a positive twist. “I’m gonna look like I love cheese no matter what, because I love cheese,” Smedley said. “And you want to know what’s really sexy? Joy,” Hensley said. “I want my daughter to love her life and to love herself and she’s not gonna to do it because i tell her to do it. She’s gonna do it because i teach her to do it.”

The video has been viewed a whopping 6.7 million times and their Facebook page has over 800,000 likes.

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