Sarah Schmid delivered her sixth child naturally without assistance from a midwife or doctor.

By Karen Mizoguchi
July 24, 2018

A mother of six has shared her birthing experience with approximately 1.4 million YouTube viewers.

Sarah Schmid from Halle, Germany, who currently lives in France, delivered her sixth child naturally without assistance from a midwife or doctor in her backyard garden as her five other children looked on.

Following the arrival of her baby boy Kiran in September 2016, Schmid uploaded the footage of her labor on her YouTube account where over 688,000 views have been accumulated and a second copy has 700,000 views for a total of 1.4 million views, according to multiple U.K. outlets.

Schmid, 36, and husband Tim are parents to Kiran, 22 months, Konstantin, 3, Elisabeth, 6, Emanuel, 8, Jonathon, 10, and Johanna, 11.

This was not the first time Schmid had practiced free-birthing, an unassisted childbirth technique.

Aside from giving birth to her firstborn with the help of a midwife, she chose to have free births for all of her children in places such as her living room and a forest in Sweden.

“I didn’t like having a midwife and the birth was long and painful – I was in labor for 15 hours. So I did a lot of reading about birth myself. I tried to learn everything about birth I thought I should know,” she told The Sun.

“I studied medicine to become a doctor, although now I am a full-time mum. There I watched people giving birth in the hospital and I thought, ‘I can’t do this. It isn’t relaxing.’ It made me realize I wanted to give birth without intervention,” Schmid said.

As for her decision to share the labor with the internet, she explained, “A woman looks like a woman. It is the most natural and normal thing in the world. I don’t think it’s strange.”

Schmid added, “In old cultures the girls would watch their mothers give birth so they would know what it was like. Now the chance to do this is very small. This gives people the chance to see birth, and especially birth without intervention. It is a rare thing to see.”

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