Just shake—and this little device removes the eggshell in seconds.


As Real Simple editors, we've heard and read about tons of clever-sounding kitchen tools. But between the avocado slicers and tomato hullers of the world, there’s just not enough cabinet space to store all of these specialized gadgets. However, if you live on a steady diet of salads topped with hard-boiled egg slices, egg salad, and dairy-free deviled eggs (I’m looking at you, Whole30ers!), then the Negg hard-boiled egg peeler deserves a prime spot in your kitchen cabinet.

Credit: Amazon.com

At a recent homewares preview, I was taking a speed tour among the booths when a demo caught my eye. A woman was placing a hard-boiled egg into a little plastic device, adding water, and then shaking it. Wait, what? I couldn’t help but stop and watch. After five to ten seconds of shaking the plastic container, she opened it up to reveal that the eggshell was already starting to peel off the egg. With what looked like the slightest touch, the rest of the shell fell off. From start to finish, the egg went from completely shelled to ready to eat in less than 30 seconds.

Credit: Amazon.com

When I stopped staring in wonder, I learned that this handy little gadget is the Negg, a simple tool to make peeling eggs easier. The body of the device is transparent so you can easily see when the peel is starting to come off, and it typically takes just four to twelve shakes. While this may not be the most life-altering of inventions, if you’re a regular egg eater or even make big batches of egg salad in the spring and summer, this handy gadget makes quick work of a tedious task.

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