You've never seen skeletons like this before. These yogis are anything but scary!

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Skeletons are one of the most iconic Halloween elements, but this year we're seeing them in a very different way. The newest iteration of the skeletal decor comes to us from Trader Joe's and has us feeling very zen. Last week the brand released a line of yoga skeleton planters and we can’t wait to add them to our indoor and outdoor Halloween decor.

The plastic planters are a must-have from the long list of new Trader Joe's products, and they're only $5.99. You can choose a skeleton sitting in the Sukhasana pose, or opt for the one holding the prayer position; both varieties have live air plants planted in the back of their skulls. Trader Joe's hasn't confirmed whether the skeleton planters will be sold at all locations, but they've been spotted at stores on both coasts as well as in a few Midwest states, so we're hopeful these will be available nationwide.

It may still feel like summer outside, but we think these fall yogis will sell out fast. If Michaels’ already-sold-out ceramic Halloween trees are any indication of how many people are already stocking up on Halloween decor, you’re going to want to pick up these skeletons ASAP. Otherwise, you may be saying “namaste” to this year’s biggest decorating trend.

According to Trader Joe's, the air plant coming out of these yogis' skulls is known as Tillandsia, which we know and love for being a low-maintenance plant that's super easy to care for. There's no soil involved (so no risk of a mess if your skeleton tips over on your desk) and the only things they require are sunlight and a light misting of water when they start to droop.

Michaels also has a line of plastic yoga skeletons available in a variety of sizes and poses, which can be displayed indoors or outside. Their 11-inch statues are sold as single units and are ideal for outdoor porch decorating, while the smaller skeletons are sold in sets of four. They measure just under six inches and are perfect for building festive mantel displays or DIY Halloween centerpieces. The statues feature six different classic yoga poses, and might have better form than we do!

The larger 11-inch skeletons are now available online for $25, and they've also been spotted in stores this month. But if you're thinking about adding the set of tabletop skeletons to your next Halloween centerpiece, you’ll have to make a trip to Michaels to snag them because they're only available in stores. It's definitely worth the trip though, because the whole set is only $12.

We’re calling it now: Skeletons are definitely in this year. And if you need us between now and Halloween, you can catch us doing our chaturanga right alongside these skeleton pals.

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