This lipstick is the holy grail of matte liquid lipsticks.

By Pia Velasco
Updated March 30, 2020
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Because of my job, brands send me hundreds of products every year, probably even thousands. I’ve tried facial creams that probably cost the same as my monthly rent, and I’ve fallen in love with drugstore makeup that outperforms their pricier competitors. One thing I’ve learned during my years in the industry is that a higher price tag doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting more—sometimes, the best products are really the more affordable ones.

One of the easiest ways to add a pop of color to your face is by swiping on a bold lipstick–and it’s one of the most fun! In the past, I’ve struggled with matte lipstick since they tend to dry my lips out, and lots of lipsticks that claim to be longwear end up transferring onto every cup of coffee I drink that day–but not this one. This lipstick is, in my humble opinion, the holy grail of matte liquid lipsticks.

Just one layer gives off an insane amount a pigment, and you truly don’t need to reapply all day. It has survived three meals in one day, many make-out sessions, and countless hot yoga classes, and it does not budge. To be honest, I used to have trouble getting it off at the end of the day, until I learned that the brand sells a makeup remover made specifically for this lipstick, and I discovered that any oil-based makeup remover–like a cleansing balm–also does the trick. It also has a pointy applicator tip that allows me to create the perfect Cupid’s bow and color the outer corners of my mouth to perfection.

Maybelline currently has four collections and 30 shades of this SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick formula, so if you’re looking for a good fall lipstick, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve tried most of the shades, but I always go back to my beloved reds. During the summer I use Heroine, a vibrant orange-red, and now that it’s chillier I’ve switched over to Dancer, a dark brick-red. However, the line also includes a wide range of purples, pinks, blues, grays, and reds—so many options!

At less than $10 a pop, this lipstick makes it easy to test out trendy colors without breaking bank—and even if you could spend more, I’m telling you, there’s absolutely no need.

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