By Alexia Fernandez
Updated March 02, 2021

Dax Shepard is sharing his love for wife Kristen Bell — weird quirks and all.

The actor, 43, posted a snap of Bell, 37, enjoying a dip in the pool during a hot day with the actress wearing a black patterned bikini, sunglasses, a hat — and gloves.

“My bride wears gloves in the pool because she hates the feeling of pruney finger tips on skin. #Hollyweird #iloveher,” Shepard wrote in the caption.

In the photo, Bell happily showed off her unusual pool accessory while raising her hands in the air so her husband could better capture them in the picture.

The couple has been married since 2013 and shares two daughters together, 5-year-old Lincoln and 3-year-old Delta.

The actor appeared on Conan in April in which he revealed the two do not have a prenup.

“She said to me at one point, ‘Do you want a prenup?’ Because we were getting married and I said, ‘No, I don’t want a prenup.’ But I really wanted a prenup, really bad.”

At the time, Shepard said, he was more successful than the actress, but that changed when she began to star in hit films such as Frozen, Bad Moms and the NBC sitcom The Good Place.

“The joke is on her now because she’s become much more successful than me and has much more money than me!” Shepard said.

Speaking with PEOPLE Now in December 2017, the father of two candidly admitted their relationship may look easy but that it was “not effortless.”

“We do couple’s therapy. We work it like a job,” the Parenthood star said. “Relationships aren’t just perfect.”

He said a big part of their relationship working was making sure they spent time alone, although even that takes planning.

“If I say, ‘Hey, what are you doing Thursday?’ It’s never going to happen. But if I put something on the calendar it works out,” Shepard said.

He added: “But you do have to take it as seriously as you take your work commitments. It has to be scheduled and you have to prioritize it or it doesn’t happen.”

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