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Khloé Kardashian's Top Travel Tip May Not Surprise You (but You Know You Want to Find Out Anyway)
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This article originally appeared on People.com.

While the Kardashian-Jenner family technically lives in Calabasas, California, it’s probably safe to say that given the amount of time they spend on the road their true home is the PJ (that’s a private jet to us 99 percenters). This reality TV family‘s presence is constantly being requested at events and red carpets around the world, which means they’ve had to basically get a side gig in looking gorgeous the second they step off a plane to a crowd of adoring fans. And now, thankfully, Khloé Kardashian has shared all of her best travel beauty tips so we can all keep our glam intact even after a night spent on a red eye surrounded by screaming babies.

In her latest post on her website and app, the Revenge Body host writes, “I spend so much of my life on an airplane that I’ve definitely nailed down my routine for looking and feeling fresh when I land. Hear me when I say it’s all about staying HYDRATED and MOISTURIZED, people.” (Although we’re sure drinking your recommended amount of wate is much easier on a private plane with your own personal attendant than it is from the window seat of a commercial jet, as anyone who’s had to repeatedly slide past their increasingly irritated seat mates to visit the lavatory could attest.

The reality star continued, “I always buy a liter of water before my flight and my goal is to finish it before I land. Also, since I’m so crazy about my hands, the second I sit down, I put on cuticle oil. Even though I put sunscreen on my hands every day, my cuticles are still so dry, so I make sure to take care of that right away. I also like to spritz my face with rosewater spray to keep moisture locked in. Plus, it just feels really nice.”

So whether you’re living the high-flying luxury lifestyle of the KarJenners or just making the once a year trek home for the holidays, here’s everything you’ll need to travel in style according to Khloé. And the best part? For the most part, they’re super affordable. (P.S. Still need more travel beauty tips that might apply to your life in row 32 of a 707? Luckily, we talked to flight attendants to find out what they swear by.)


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This Story Originally Appeared On People