“It’s called being comfortable people,” the reality star said.

By Stephanie Petit
September 18, 2017

This article originally appeared on People.com.

Khloé Kardashian is not having it with body shamers.

The reality star, 33, is hitting back at critics after trading in her usual form-fitting clothes for loose sweatpants for a day, prompting gossip that she’s gaining weight.

“So rude of people to say I’m getting fat because I wore baggy clothes to get laser hair removal,” she wrote on Twitter Sunday.

She added, “It’s called being comfortable people.”

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star lost around 40 lbs. after adopting a take-no-prisoners attitude to the gym and her diet.

“I definitely think the physical and the mental go hand in hand,” she told PEOPLE last year. “I feel so good in the gym that it [affects] the rest of my day. It’s a healthy addiction. It’s like buying your sanity!”

Kardashian also told PEOPLE she works out almost every day, heading to a trainer five days a week and doing cardio on weekends.

The Good American founder’s nutritionist also revealed that Kardashian divided her diet into seven meals a day, each filled with either healthy fats, protein, fruits or veggies.

After getting in shape herself, Kardashian helped others with E!’s Revenge Body and kept up her routine. She often shares photos and videos of her workout sessions, sometimes with boyfriend Tristan Thompson, on her social media pages.

One thing Kardashian recommends to lose weight is to switch-up workouts.

“Our bodies are seriously smart. After only a few weeks of repeating the same exercise routine, the body will acclimate and adjust by figuring out how to use less energy and calories to accomplish the same thing,” she explained on her app and website. “This means you’re working just as hard as you were before but burning less fat. You don’t have to work out MORE, necessarily, but you do have to workout SMARTER by always keeping your muscles guessing.”

This Story Originally Appeared On People